Links to documents: these are links to documents, mainly in PDF format, containing information relating to ME and FM. We do not recommend or endorse any of the documents and they are not listed in any specific order. These links open in a new window (Note: some browsers will automatically download the file rather than opening it, you will then need to open it from your download folder).

Fibromyalgia Syndrome - a general information sheet with lots of advice and coping strategies.

So What is ME? - a general information sheet about what ME is and how it affects people who have it.

Coping Advice. - very useful advice on strategies for coping with Fibromyalgia but equally applicable to those with ME.

How Fibromyalgia affects men - information about FM specifically for men..

My friend has ME - a really useful information leaflet to give to friends and family that will help explain to them what you are going through and how they can help.

ME Guide - a brief information leaflet about ME.

Sleep problems? the following links provide some very useful information about sleep and how to improve it.
       How pain affects sleep
       Useful bedroom aids for people with disabilities
       Advice for people with Fibromyalgia

Overlaps with Fibromyalgia - how FM, ME and others overlap.

Dealing with people who don't believe in FM - suggestions on how to deal with people who do not believe FM exists - from doctors to family and friends.

Exercise: yes you can! - exercise is good for you, even if you have FM or ME. This leaflet outlines exercises you can do and why they will help.

Healthy Sleep: - a very usefull booklet explaining sleep, its benefits and some suggestion on how to get some.

Dealing with Stress - contains some suggestions on managing stress.

What is irritable bowel syndrome?: - describes irritable bowel syndrome and suggests ways of managing the symptoms.

Diverticulosis: - describes Diverticulosis, Diverticulitis and how they can be treated or controlled.

Fibromyalgia: some frequently asked questions

Vitamin D: - interesting article on the importance of vitamin D.

Brain Fog: - this talks about the causes and effects of brain fog.

Tips for coping with Fibromyalgia: - 12 tips for getting on with life when you have Fribromyalgia

Yoga reduces pain: - some research that indicates yoga really does reduce symptoms of pain.

Explaining pain to others: - advice on how to explain how your pain feels to others, be they friends, relatives or health care professionals.

Flupirtine - A New Drug to Treat FM?: - This document tells of a drug that looks to have real promise for the effective treatment of Fibromyalgia.

Keeping Your Body Aches Under Control - this explains why muscle tension in one body area can exacerbate pain in other areas.

Study into how repetitive strain affects people with Fibromyalgia.

Study into blood markers to indicate severity of Fibromyalgia. - this describes new work looking for markers in the blood that might help diagnose Fibromyalgia and ME and there severity.

General description of Fibromyalgia and how it affect you - booklet format document giving very good description of FM.

Very good advice on coping with your fatigue - in booklet format.

Coping with relationships - useful advice on relationships when suffering with FM and ME.

Guide to complimentary therapies - that may be suggested for FM and ME.

Fibromyalgia is no longer invisible - there is real evidence that its not all in the mind, despite what your GP might tell you!!!.

Easy exercises for people with ME and FM - exercises said to be suitable for ME and FM sufferers but do check with your health professional first.

Letter to a loved one - a letter to a loved one which tries to explain ME to them - worth reading.

An open letter about ME - an open letter that tries to explain how her ME affects the writer - again, well worth reading.

A useful guide to help you are entitled to

Questions and Answers about Fibromyalgia - produced by an American health organisation but has useful information for all.

GP gave up fruit and veg to beat Fibromyalgia - this article has been 'borrowed' from the DailyMail web site ( . It tells how a UK based GP identified a number of varieties of fruit and veg. that exacerbated her FM symptoms. By cutting these out she has eliminated her symptoms.

The Spoon Theory. This is a moving story of how a Lupus sufferer explained to her best friend just how the illness affects her. Although the individual concerned has Lupus, it still provides a very useful basis for explaining to others how ME or Fribromyalgia control your life.

Advice about diet for ME/CFS sufferers - from the British Dietetic Association.

Advice about diet for IBS sufferers - from the British Dietetic Association.

A very informative site about the effects of aging on eyesight - from the British Dietetic Association.